Vanderveen Law is an established and respected Massachusetts real estate firm representing buyers, sellers, banks, and developers in residential and commercial transactions. 


Our clients include first-time homebuyers, billion-dollar lenders, and everyone in between. With nearly 50 years of combined industry experience between our two principal attorneys, we provide the expert counsel of a large firm, but with the personal and empathetic touch of a specialty firm.

Our motto is: an educated client is a satisfied client.

We are also dedicated to educating consumers and professionals through tools like workshops, CE Classes, and more. 


Learn more about the five basic steps that usually followed in somewhat the same order in every real estate transaction.


A look at some important issues that will provide you with the answers and the steps that will make your journey a pleasant and rewarding experience.


For any reason you have, you want a ‘for sale’ sign in your front yard. You probably will never sell anything more valuable than your home. This means you’ll want to get the most from your long-term investment.


Where and how do you begin this process?